About Us


Centrix is an experienced manager of properties with an existing portfolio in the north of Istria. Centrix provides a variety of services enabling you to initially establish, then safeguard and operate, your property from afar thus ensuring that you can have convenience, peace of mind and up to date information on all aspects of your home or investment.
Our business is internationally owned and managed but locally operated ensuring a combination of best practice and detailed hands-on involvement. High quality management protects the capital value of your property and helps ensure that maximum rental yields are achieved. This is done by ensuring that your property is properly laid out and equipped, is always in perfect condition for private or rental use, that guests are made welcome and managed and that all administration is conducted efficiently and effectively.
Some guidelines to the service that we offer:
  • Weekly property inspection visit
  • Service host, season cleaning on request
  • Property maintenance service
  • Providing service for payment of owner invoices
  • Key holding
  • Arranging repairs when needed
  • Providing services for solving any quires & problems of the guest and owner
  • Non-stop contact for emergencies (in case of fire, flood, storm…)
  • Regular contact with ownersInsurance & other legal requirements
  • Accounting and bookkeeping serviceUtility account management
  • Collection and forwarding of mailsArranging payment
  • Garden tidy-up
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Monthly report with pictures of the property
In addition to these regular activities, we also provide furnishing of the property as desired and needs.With maintenance of the property we also engage a third party, to perform all our demands and requirement.
Centrix Property Management (Centrix upravitelj d.o.o.) is part of the Vesta Land group. Vesta Land, comprised of Vesta razvoj d.o.o., Trio nekretnine d.o.o. and Centrix upravitelj d.o.o., is the premium developer of high quality residential villas, townhouses and apartments in northwest Istria.
Centrix is situated in Croatia, city of Buje in Istria county.
Croatia is a land of exceptional natural beauty with a rich cultural heritage.
Croatia is a simple, unspoiled, relaxed and easygoing country. The unspoiled nature, clean air, pure water and dense forests make this country a healthy oasis on an increasingly polluted continent. Its many treasures include remote islands, crystal-clear seas, quaint fishing villages, beaches, Roman ruins and medieval wall cities. This beautiful country has immense appeal to those who enjoy a uniquely, natural, staying in a glorious climate where the sun shines for an average 2,600 hours a year. Croatia's stunning coastline is on the Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean and wonderfully warm.
Istria is perhaps the best spot for tourism in Croatia because of its impeccable infrastructure and diversity. On the west side of the peninsula you will find several historical towns from the Roman times. Many of these historical towns are surrounded by large hotel complexes, resorts and sport facilities as well. The interior region of this peninsula consists of woods and green forests full of stone towns placed on hills. Istria intends to take tourism by storm, but with style. It aims for real money, spent by chic and discerning spenders. In return they will receive an authentic, quality, Mediterranean experience.